Google Update Brewing? Chatter & Tools Point To Algorithm Update

Google Update Brewing
Over the past 24-hours, the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread has seen an uptick in chatter around ranking and traffic changes from Google. Plus, many of the tracking tools that have updated for the day are showing signs of a Google update. Let me be straight, either the update is just starting or the update was fairly minor РI do not think this was a major update.
Here are some of the tools showing changes, keep in mind, MozCast has not updated yet today.
click for full size
click for full size
click for full size
Some of the chatter is around zombies, but some about traffic. Here are some quotes from the past 24-hours or so:

Seeing the same here. I have had converting traffic for the last 2-3 hours, won’t it be a surprise when we all see a sudden drop to zombie land at the same time again? Oh yeah… no.

Here’s a weird one for you that most likely goes against the grain. We saw big improvements in organic on the 15th Dec, but then around the 12th Jan, we saw declines again. To confirm, we dont use interstitials or popups. Very strange.

We have seen something similar but kind of in reverse. We saw slight drop around the Dec 15, then a pickup around Jan3. A record day Jan 11, 12 and now back down to normal. None of these changes are statistically significant. To confirm, we dont use interstitials or popups either.

Intense organic traffic right now. Very rare for being a Monday.

Did you notice ranking changes and Google traffic changes in the past 24-hours?

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