After 18 Years, DMOZ, The Web Directory, Is Closing Down

DMOZ, one of the oldest and most trusted web directories announced on their home page yesterday that they are closing up shop. The site is going offline March 14, 2017.

DMOZ launched on June 5, 1998, over 18 years ago and will be shutting its doors in 14 days from now.

DMOZ just did a large redesign less than a year ago. This comes after Yahoo closed the Yahoo Directory a couple years ago.

Here is a picture of the home page as it looks today:

click for full size

There is tons of discussion around this in the SEO community. We have WebmasterWorld, Creasite Forums, Google Web Search Help, BlackHatWorld and more.

John Mueller said the it isnt the end of the web and SEO is not dead:

Hi @JohnMu DMOZ will close the 14th march.
All its SEO signal power will reset?

@merlinox Probably won’t be the end of the web. SEO won’t be dead. Almost certainly.


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