Google: Phantom Updates Are Core Algorithm Update

Google has been very quiet about what SEOs have been calling the “Phantom update.” The Phantom update has been floating around for the past couple years now, and we’ve covered it multiple times here. In fact, Glenn Gabe has likely done the most analysis of these so called phantom updates.

In any event, Google’s Gary Illyes kind of said on Twitter that these Phantom updates are the same as Google core updates. Meaning, these are basic quality updates to the search algorithm that Google will not confirm.

Roger Monttiβ€Ž asked him about it on Twitter and he responded:

Q: Why do SEOs call it the Phantom Update?
A: Because they don’t know WTF it is.
How close am I @methode ?

Interesting admission? Of course, we can’t know for sure if ALL the reported Phantom updates were “core” Google algorithm updates or just some.

Glenn Gabe I believe did name it and he confirmed it:

@martinibuster I named the May 2015 update Phantom because it was mysterious. The name stuck. πŸ™‚ @methode@rustybrick

But yea, we can just speculate what these updates were if Google won’t comment on them. Can you blame us?

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